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Guru-Roofing is a collective roofing directory serving all states of the U.S. The moment you call you’ll instantly be hooked up with certified specialists in your area with decades of experience in the field.

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Our response-rate is through the roof!. Call us for an emergency or for a standard repair, installation, or maintenance. We got you covered anywhere, anytime!

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At Guru-Roofing, we provide no-obligation, no-risk, roofing estimates. Feel free to contact us today for a quote!. We provide good, old-fashioned customer-service.

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At Guru-Roofing, we provide residential, industrial, and commercial roofing services covering all roof-related matters from roof design, installation, maintenance, issue-detection, repairs, gutter solutions, and all that you could think of.

|GURU.ROOFING| All-rounder Roofing Services covering all U.S.A

● GURU-ROOFING | Serving all states of the U.S

At Guru Roofing, we realize that your roof is an integral part of your property. Whether it’s for residential, industrial, or commercial purposes, If it is not kept and maintained in a proper, working condition, it can compromise the integrity your entire property. Your roof should also compliment both the look and the feel of your property. Which is something we take into consideration in all our roofing tasks.

GURU Roofing prides itself on providing the well-known, good, old customer care. Our certified roofing specialists will determine the exact type of service your roof would need. We won’t tell you that you need a brand new roof when in reality a simple repair will cut it!. Call a nearby “Guru-Roofer!

Serving all states of the U.S

Guru-Roofing is an all-rounder roofing directory that covers all states of the USA. Whenever you call, you’ll instantly get in touch with a certified and a qualified roofing expert in your area. We provide free estimates, and our response rate is through the roof!. Give us a call Today!

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What Our Customers Say!

“Our company was encountering some on-going issues that resulted in an absolute need for a totally new roofing system. After meeting with several roofing companies and contractors, it became crystal clear that Guru-Roofers were the top choice to assist us with our situation. Not only did they finish the work on-time and on-budget, they were diligent in coming up with cost-saving ideas without compromising the integrity of our roofing system. I would highly recommend them as a responsive and quality roofing company.”

Jim M. Logan
Denver, co

“We are so satisfied with having Guru Roofers handle our insurance claim and our repairs. The work your roof crew did was absolutely exceptional. I know it took a lot of planning and deciding on what would work, but I  gotta say the outcome is definitely terrific. If you ever need a recommendation, you know you can always have someone contact me. Thanks for a great job.”

Eric Adams
Dallas, TEXAS

“I want you to know that it was definitely a pleasure doing business with a company that prides themselves on customer service. Which I definitely found to be true with Guru-Roofing. Mark was as professional and helpful as anyone I’ve done business with in long. Thank you for your excellent work.”

John B. Keller







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